Google Gemini for Google Sheets

3 Different Ways to use Google Gemini

What is Google Gemini?

Gemini is a AI model developed by Google, known for its capability to process text, images, video and audio. It is designed to outperform other models like OpenAI’s GPT-4.

Option 1: Google Gemini Website

Gemini website is the Google developed UI that allow people to use Gemini easily with a nice UI.

Option 2: Poe

Poe, short for “Platform for Open Exploration,” is a feature by Quora that allows users to interact with various AI models, including language models like Gemini and ChatGPT.

Poe is available globally without regional restrictions. However, its free access comes with limitations on the number of messages and access to advanced bots.

Option 3: Add-on in Google Sheets

Step1: Install the Google Gemini add-on for Google Sheets from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Step 2: Click Use Gemini Formula in the Extension

Step 3: Input prompt to interact with the Gemini AI. You can find more about the add-on here.