AI SWOT Analysis

Market Research in Google Sheets using Gemini AI

Step 1: Install Gemini AI for Sheets Add-on

Install it from Google Workspace Marketplace.

Step 2: Set Custom Instruction

In this example, we use “You provide concise and to-the-point response.” as the custom instruction to make sure the AI return the insights that fit our context.

Step 3: Turn on Smarter Model

For complex tasks like Market Research and SWOT Analysis, opting for a more advanced model is beneficial due to its enhanced capabilities, although the default model remains adequate for basic functions.

Step 4: Using AISEARCH Formula

Use the prompt: =AISEARCH(“Imagine you are a market researcher asked to quickly brief someone on “&$A2&”. List 3 “&B$1&” of “&$A2&” in point form using ‘-‘. Keep each point within 30 words.”)

Step 5: Done!

You now have a complete SWOT Analysis for all the companies that you want to research on.