Custom Instruction in Gemini AI

What are the common use cases of Custom Instruction in using Gemini AI?

Understanding Custom Instructions

Custom instructions in the Gemini AI Add-on allow users to create personalized commands that the AI understands and executes within Google Sheets. This feature adds a layer of convenience, as it lets you communicate with Gemini AI in a way that feels natural and intuitive to you. By defining custom instructions, you can streamline tasks, automate processes, and interact with your data in a manner that aligns with your unique requirements.

Use Cases of Custom Instructions in Gemini AI

Language: Customizing Reply Language of Gemini AI

Language preferences are crucial for seamless interaction with AI, especially when it involves a global user base. Gemini AI acknowledges this by allowing users to set custom instructions for replies in different languages. This means you can command Gemini AI to respond in English, Spanish, Mandarin, or any language supported by the add-on, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder productivity.

reply in English
reply in Spanish

Tailoring the Tone: The Formality of Your AI Assistant

Custom instructions redefine the relationship between a user and Gemini AI. You dictate the tone – be it formal for corporate analytics or casual for a friendly brainstorming session with your digital assistant. The flexibility in communication ensures that the AI aligns with your company’s ethos or personal style.

formal for corporate analytics
casual and friendly

Conversation Length: How Much Detail Do You Need?

The response length can be a deciding factor in the effectiveness of AI. With Gemini AI, you can set custom instructions for succinct summaries or detailed reports. Whether you prefer quick insights or comprehensive analyses, your AI assistant is programmed to follow your lead.

quick and short insights
comprehensive and long analyses

Personalized Address: How Do You Want to Be Called?

Names matter, and so does the way you’re addressed. Custom instructions can be fine-tuned so that Gemini AI interacts with you on a first-name basis, with a title, or even with a nickname. This seemingly small customization can make your interactions more comfortable and natural.

address me as Mr. Smith

Opinions vs. Neutrality: Shaping AI to Your Perspective

With custom instructions, you have control over whether Gemini AI offers neutral data-driven insights or leans towards offering opinions based on analytical predictions. This is especially useful when AI assistance is required for decision-making processes that benefit from a semblance of subjectivity.

provide data-driven insights
offer opinions

Role Play Scenarios: Tailoring AI for Specific Roles

Turn Gemini AI into specialized roles through custom instructions, enhancing its utility for professionals across different fields. For example, if you are a lawyer, you can configure Gemini AI to assist you in legal research or if you are a marketer, to generate SEO-friendly content.

assist in legal research
generate SEO-friendly content

Setting Up Custom Instructions in Gemini AI for Sheets

  1. Click on the ‘Menu bar’ in Google Sheets where Gemini AI for Sheets is installed.
  2. Navigate to ‘Custom Instruction’ to access the feature.
  3. Input your commands as naturally as you would converse with a colleague.
  4. Save these custom instructions for repeated use.